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Griffiths Group first UK waste management company to sign up to Resource Efficient Data

Cardiff based start-up Resource Efficient Data have agreed a deal with Griffiths Group to provide UK waste data flow insight for the next twelve months. The deal provides Griffiths Group access to Resource Efficient Data’s platform of UK waste data. The platform houses open source data from Waste Data Flow and allows ease of interrogation of the data including by material type, material source, local authority, region, and many others.

Andrew Wright, Commercial Director, Griffiths Group said “‘Since purchasing the RED system, we have been able to obtain very detailed information that we needed for research purposes to help us understand local trends. The system is very easy to navigate with good flows and concise options. We would highly recommend this service!’

Steve Hooley & James Kay, the co-founders of Resource Efficient Data, have collaborated bringing their respective experiences in the disciplines of data analysis & waste management together for a unique offering in the marketplace. In a statement they said “we are so pleased Griffiths Group have found value in the Resource Efficient Data UK waste data platform.

They are the first UK waste management company to sign up and we believe they will have a competitive advantage as a result. It’s great that they are also based in Wales too!”

Resource Efficient Data work with waste management data to solve problems, inform decisions and drive improvements. The platform is part of range of services that can help organisations streamline their decision making in the UK marketplace. Their products are also used by trade associations, not-for-profits and packaging compliance companies.



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