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Our recycling division offers a range of waste recycling solutions, collection and offsite processing, to total onsite solutions, including sorting, shredding, screening and delivery to the end user across the UK. Our specialised and modern fleet of vehicles, plant and machinery, is diverse and can be tailored to suit your requirements large or small. 

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Core Services

Gavin Griffiths Recycling has vast experience in processing waste. We own and operate specialist equipment for this purpose, for example, Allu and Remu screening buckets, mobile screeners, shredders and crushers.

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Aggregate & Topsoil Supplies

We supply high-quality aggregate and topsoil to commercial customers and to individuals.

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Hardcore / Soil Waste Recycling

Using the newest technology and specialised machinery, we recycle hardcore and soil waste into a usable state.

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Aggregate & Topsoil Supplies

If you are looking for aggregate and topsoil supplies, we stock and supply an extensive range of materials for private and commercial projects. Our friendly and professional experts can address all your project requirements.

If you need aggregates and topsoil supplies for your building project, contact our friendly and experienced sales team today. We provide high-quality recycled, recovered and virgin products for big and small construction projects across Swansea and South/ West Wales.


We offer the highest quality products that are tested and certified to the required industry standards, such as recovered various single size aggregates, 0-2 and 2-4mm sand, recycled Type1, 6f5 and BS standard Topsoil. 

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