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Our Stance on Sustainability

As #RecycleWeek comes to a close, we feel it’s important to share our stance on sustainability.

There’s no doubt that the climate crisis is reaching a tipping point. Throw-away culture, landfill dumping, and excessive greenhouse gases have, for decades, contributed to the decline of our climate stability.

We believe that radical positive change starts with understanding how waste can be resourceful. Through raising awareness in our work with stakeholders, investment into creating a circular economy and through the process of restorative and regenerative recycling, we can minimise our environmental impact and better protect the planet.

At Gavin Griffiths Group, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, ensuring our sustainability strategy is continually revised and our policies and procedures are aligned to responsible waste management. Our goal to achieve net zero success relies heavily on manufactured products and materials being designed with the intention of being recovered and recycled, as opposed to dumped in landfill sites where they often sit as wasteful resource.

Fortunately, this is fast becoming a consideration in all aspects of our society, with corporate, construction and commercial sectors all taking an invested approach to becoming more sustainable, but naturally waste still happens – and we believe our industry plays a key part in how that waste is collected, processed and then later reused.

Based in South Wales and hosting the UK’s largest front-to-back Matec wash plant, we are making significant strides in sustainable practice. Using the latest technologies and procedures, we recycle as much hardcore and soil waste as possible, with over 99% of waste handled diverted from landfill. Our wash plant allows us to save energy and reduce greenhouse gases by recovering construction type waste and providing a newly recycled aggregate without the need for quarrying.

In 2018, further development of our sustainability polices arrived with the creation of a sister company, GAP Alternative Fuels – an evolution of our waste management service that’s focused entirely on repurposing general waste, UPVC waste and wood waste. GAP is led by Andy Hill, With vast experience and an established nationwide network, we can help facilitate the recycling and repurposing of thousands of tonnes of waste that would have otherwise been destined for landfill.

Our waste sorting facilities and trained team ensure we are well equipped to collect, handle and segregate all kinds of waste from commercial and domestic projects. With a rolling target of zero waste to landfill, we support customers in separating waste and refuge into the correct recycling streams and in line with strict and stringent industry regulations.

When it comes to recycling and repurposing waste materials, we stay ahead of the curve, making it part of our provision to provide the necessary information to customers and clients on how to manage and refuse of their waste responsibly. Our commitment to helping generate a circular economy sits at the core of some of our key principles, and we are regularly advocating the impactful benefits of moving away from a single-use philosophy.

We believe that everyone is responsible for how they collect, use and dispose of waste, but we acknowledge the waste industry is linked the closest to the state of our environment, and we must shift the way in which our industry treats waste to create a regenerative and circular economy. We know have a major responsibility as an industry to direct the evolution of our environment – and we promise to lead by good example.


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